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These are the bagpipe scores the band will play this season. We tried to keep the settings as generic as possible so that our players could easily play these tunes with any other pipe band, and vice-versa.
Except for Amazing Grace, which we got from Atlanta Pipe Band who got it from the Western Australia Police. I've been hearing other bands play it under the title of Cajun Grace. Hmmmm.... Since all of Louisiana is considered by the world as Cajun Country, we wonder where they got it from?

Please contact us with any questions.

2024 Scores

Sight Reading, 1/29/24 Part 1 of Iron Division: Iron Division

Set 1: High Road/Brown Haired Maiden: High Road

Set 2: Green Hills/I See Mull/When the Battle is 'Or: Green Hills
     PIPES: ZIP / BMP / MP3_90BPM
          Orchestrated Wav file

Set 3: Scotland the Brave/Wings/Scotland Low Hand: Scotland

Set 4: Amazing Grace

Set 5: When the Saints Go Marching In:
     PIPES: (BWW / BMP / MID_50bpm / MID_90bpm

Set 6: Badge Of Scotland / Jimmy Findlater: Badge
     PIPES: BWW / BMP / MID_50BPM / MID_84BPM /
           Snare Only PDF (Snare MP3)
           Tenor MP3
           Bass MP3
     OrchistratedD: All Drums PDF

Set 7: Campsie Hills / Horsbrough / Jim Thompson: Campsie
     PIPES: BWW / bmp / midi / mp3 / ZIP file
           Jim Thompson Seconds (Jim Thompson Seconds ZIP file )
            Snare PDF: Campsie/ Horsbrugh/ Jim M4a Campsie/ Horsbrugh/ Jim / (All 3)
            Tenor PDF: Campsie/ Horsbrugh/ Jim M4a: Campsie/ Horsbrugh/ Jim (All 3) download online
            Bass PDF: Campsie/ Horsbrugh/ Jim

Set 8: Cutting Bracken / MacRae Meadow: Cutting Bracken
     PIPES: PDF / MP3 50 BPM / MP3 65 BPM / MP3 78 BPM / ZIP file )
           MacRae Meadow Seconds ( MacRae zip / MacRae PDF / MacRae MP3 78 BPM
            Snare (PDF: Cutting/ MacRae
            Tenor PDF: Cutting & MacRae
            Bass PDF: Cutting & MacRae/

Set 9: Murdos Wedding / Old Rustic Briddge / Ye Jacobites / Dawning of the Day: Murdo
     PIPES:ZIP/ Mp3/ PDF/ BMP)
           Snare PDF: Murdo/ Rustic Jacobites/ Dawning/ Set Zip
           Tenor and Bass PDF: Murdo Set (tenor is after the bass)

Set 10: Performance: Rathven Market - not a parade set (yet)
     PIPES: All files ZIP / Pipes.pdf / Mp3 40bpm / Mp3 60bpm / Mp3 80bpm
          Snare JPG

Set 11: Performance: Cabar Feidh
     PIPES: All files ZIP / Pipes.jpg / Mp3 40bpm / Mp3 60bpm / Mp3 80bpm
          EUSPBA Massed Band Scores

Set Performance: Highland Cathedral - not a parade set ( ZIP / Mp3 / BMP

Cadence: Snare( PDF)

Old Band Sets

Set 4: Pikeman's March/Flett From Flotta/Mairis Wedding: (retired 2023) ( BWW , BMP, MID_50BPM, MID_84BPM)
Set 4: Pikemans March: ( Snare / Tenor / Bass ) / Flett From Flotta: ( Snare / Tenor / Bass ) / Mairis Wedding: ( Snare / Tenor / Bass)
Set 7: 72nd Farewell to Aberdeen (retired 2023): ( (BWW, BMP, Snare / Tenor / Bass) These scores are from The Voice, spring 2011, written by Jon Quigg
Set 9: Kilworth Hills/Bloody Fields of Flanders: retired 2023 ( BWW , BMP , All Drums) Snare MP3 / Tenor MP3 / Bass MP3
Set 13: Rowan Tree ( Rowan Tree ZIP / Rowan Tree Mp3 / Rowan Tree BMP

  zip file of tunes
BWWTunes / tunes / tunezip / tunezip1 /


2023 Push Mow

Courtney, snare Drummer

KOMC 2013 Krewe of Iris

2013 Sparta

2013 Sparta